• Arche


    French house, Made in France & Croatia

    Assumed colorful style

    Founded in 1968 in the Loire Valley in the heart of France, Arche makes a difference with soft leather shoes and a colorful identity that energizes each of its new collections. The team of French designers gets its inspiration season after season by artistic influences in vogue to create unique arche shoes with the casual and playful originality that defines the brand, recognizable at a glance. The arche shoe brand is known for its comfortable low boots & minimalist colorful ballerinas. Today, arche shoes are becoming real creations, each model combines innovation, wellbeing & premium simplicity. Arche shoes are made for all women of character with a jovial & casual style looking for a singular aestheticism.


  • Loints of Holland

    Loints of Holland

    Eco-responsible factory in Hungary

    Eco friendly shoes made to last

    Since 1918, the Dutch family Klijsen has been transmitting from father to son the ancestral know-how of the ultra-resistant manufacture of LOINTS OF HOLLAND shoes. A rare and remarkable asset, here is 100% ethical footwear brand : with a total control of its production process, Loints of Holland manages to create ecological & eco-friendly shoes, made with high quality German leathers (the tannery manufactures all pairs without PCP or benzidine). With the incredible durability of its leathers, Loints shoes do not need lining, representing a huge saving of glue & leather. At this scale of production, with the international success of the brand, each gesture has its impact on the environment. Stylewise Loints of Holland aspires to a cozy, naturally timeless look promoting femininity with fluid curves. Urban & bohemian, the LOINTS identity is built around the values ​​of aesthetic durability and contemporary singularity. Stylists get inspired by shades that evoke nature, revealing the deep nature of a woman aware of her everyday well-being.


  • Brunate


    Made in Italy

    Italian elegance

    Created in 1926 by Giovanni Volonte and Vittorio Galli, the BRUNATE calzaturificio embodies Italian refinement with craftsmanship excellency. The internationally renowned Italian shoemaker designs and manufactures outstanding women shoes with the highest leather quality directly at its factory on the shores of Lake Como. Its impeccable craftsmanship is its strength, the family heritage transmitted for two generations is its trademark, 100% MADE IN ITALY. The BRUNATE shoes collections embrace a playful charm of ultra-chic modernism underlined by the main quality a women will ever hope for elegant shoes : Comfort ; this comfort that other luxury manufacturers have forgotten, but Brunate didn't. Comfortable pumps, exceptional leather low-boots or chic moccasins, the BRUNATE woman chooses a daily elegance without neglecting her personal style.


  • Hirica



    Comfort with french style

    Founded in 1904 in the Landes, the French house HIRICA designs & manufactures soft leather shoes, with ever lighter soles and attention to detail that is specific to the french craftsmanship. It remains one of the few french companies that can certify their quality with the famous MADE IN FRANCE engraved under each soles. Feminine and contemporary, the Hirica new collections reveal an original & casual style that gets even better when putting them on and discovering their absolute comfort. Hirica blithely adds the latest trends to their new models without ever losing track of their original know-how and the notion of well-being that characterized them for over 100 years at the feet of women looking for feminine and modern comfort.


  • Maimai



    Trendy & minimalist sneakers, Italian chic

    Designed in the south of Italy in Salento, MAIMAI is internationally renowned for its contemporary sneakers made with superior craftsmanship and an exceptionnal leather know-how... Italian style. MAIMAI is characterized by the visionary design of its minimalist sneakers, always one step ahead of the season's colors trend. Their work with the highest quality leather is part of their identity. MAIMAI shoes are almost artistic creations, made with sumptuous leather combinations and overlays that make its models recognizable at first glance. Luxury sneakers with a casual & jovial elegance, this is MAIMAI. These multigenerational sneakers are meant to be comfortable with their removable insoles. The dad shoes / ugly sneakers trend is very well interpreted by the Italian designer this season, you can adopt this trend through our amazing selection of MAIMAI shoes.


  • Trippen



    Comfort + avant-garde style, 100% eco friendly

    The iconic german brand Trippen was created in the early 90's. With strong core values of durability and a signature avant-garde style with absolute comfort, the silhouette of the Trippen shoes collection is unconventional and timeless. Trippen manufacture is 100% eco-engaged from design to local production near Berlin, shoes are made of vegetable tanned leathers and patented soles to provide a bold and durable comfort. Wear Trippen shoes once, you’ll wear them for life !


  • Repetto


    Made in France

    Iconic ballerinas, Unique french savoir-faire

    Repetto, the iconic French ballet flats brand is internationally recognized for its ultra comfortable ballerinas since 1947. Brigitte Bardot has made the Cendrillon ballerina legendary and Gainsbourg adored the Zizi moccasin… The Maison Repetto manufactures high quality leather shoes in France with a unique know-how : the "stitch-and-return" technique which provides the unequaled flexibility and comfort of its ballerinas. Repetto evokes a delicate and pure style that reveals an assumed femininity with the assurance of perfect comfort.

  • Pons Quintana

    Pons Quintana


    Assertive style, feminine curves and perfect comfort.

    Pons Quintana is a familial Hispanic house specialized in the manufacture of remarkable comfortable shoes presented in a palette of intense colors inspired by haute couture. Since 1953, Pons Quintana has an exceptional know-how with an artisanal manufacture on the island of Menorca. Their specialty : hand-braided leather women shoes. What characterizes the Spanish brand is the incredible comfort that one feels when wearing Pons Quintana shoes. The Pons Quintana summer collections differ in style from the winter collections, the two identities reflect the latest shoes trends at the feet of women looking for invisible comfort with an edgy style.